Tips for Pet Parents on Buying Dog Beds


No doubt that most of the pet parents often complain of sleeping on the edge of the bed simply because their dog prefers sharing the bed. But frankly considering comfort for the fur baby is equally important. Even if they prefer sleeping on the bed but there are some of the best quality dog beds designed considering their body choices and comfort. Such extra large dog beds are the best, especially for the senior dogs or the dogs with arthritis and joint pain. So those who wish to offer their fur baby the best place to relax and ease out the pain can surely consider buying the right dog bed.

To bring along the pup in-store and getting the right bed is out of the question. At times choosing the right bed can be a challenge. But with ample extra large dog beds and small beds option available, make sure factors like water resistance, washability, and durability are considered. But of all to consider the right size matters too.

Make the right use of some efficient measurement tools:

By this, it simply means you need fabric tape as the regular measuring tape will not give the right result. Besides, there are other options like shoelaces and strings of similar structure too. This can be used for accurately measuring the dog bed.

  • Know the right time to measure:

If the pooch seems to be quite hyper then it is better to take the measurement either when it’s sleeping or eating. Look for the right time when they are calm. This way taking measurements will not be a challenge.

  • Measuring height and length

Once the pup seems to be calm it is time to measure the height and length of the furry baby. For the length, it is important to begin from the nose tip to the tail base. To consider height, the shoulder top till the floor should be measured.

  • Know the right size

To get the right mutt matters, it is important to measure the length and then add another two inches to it. The same goes for the human end as well when sleeping often the feet go off the bed and in the case of the pup it will be tail bone on the floor.

  • The ideal size:

Considering extra-large dog beds for small pooch makes no sense. That is why measuring is important. But to get the right bed, consider using the width number and height so the bed can be spacious for the furry baby.


To make the life of the pooch easier, the above buying guide can be helpful. Besides, the demand for extra large dog beds has increased so much that more stylish options have come up. With the above tips, it should not be a hassle to make the right selection of the bed. But before heading for the purchase of the pet bed make sure the size is checked well. For this measuring the pooch is important. This way half of the struggle will end.

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager