Signs you need more fiber in your diet


There can be a number of reasons one may need to add more fiber into your daily regime. Some of the basic signs include If you tend to become increasingly hungry right after having a meal, putting on additional weight, high cholesterol, or blood pressure, and if you experience a sugar high followed by a hard crash. These all could mean that its time to add some additional fiber into your life. A good source of fiber can be a prebiotic fiber supplement. Fiber is most important to our digestive system and is considered a carbohydrate that essentially does not break down but is working as it passes through our system. Not only is it essential for digestive purposes but also assists with blood sugar regulation, weight management, and cholesterol maintenance. 

Still Hungry?

If you find yourself craving more food right after eating a meal, this could be a big sign that it is time to start thinking of adding additional fiber to your diet. Fiber does not get broken down in our system but acts as a worker and it passes through. In doing so this helps to keep you full and will curb any additional cravings that might be had without it. Blood sugar levels have an effect on the system and fiber helps to level these numbers out correctly. If you find yourself gaining weight unexpectedly it could be a lack of fiber in the system to curb cravings. 

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

There are a number of reasons tests can come back showing high bad cholesterol, including genetics. Fiber has been proven to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol leveling out our system. It has also been shown to decrease triglycerides which have been known to increase the risk of heart disease. By offsetting the bad cholesterol in our system this also assists in decreasing high blood pressure. By maintaining proper levels you will notice a difference in your day to day life in a positive way. 

Sugar High To A Crash

Sugar is known to give the body high. The body and the mind both crave sugar and it can be beneficial to our overall health. It is at overconsumption where things start to go south. If you find that after consuming a normal amount of sugar you crash incredibly hard after the normal high the body experiences, this could be from a lack of fiber in your diet.  What this means is that your blood sugar levels could be off and if you are experiencing a crash that could be a signal that your levels are spiking after consuming food. The addition of fiber into the system allows the food to get slowly released to the system versus the body having to process everything at once with no barriers in place.

Fiber is something that should be added into your daily life to help offset the obstacles that our health and body are up against. Whether you choose to add fiber in by specific foods or a daily supplement you are doing your part to assist in an overall healthy lifestyle. It is vital to maintain positive gut health and fiber is a tool that allows the body to process food at a normal level, can help control blood pressure and combat bad cholesterol. Weight management can increase in importance as we get older and the addition of fiber into the system will curb over cravings that add to overconsumption. Focusing on overall health is just one step we can take to give our health and body a jumpstart against future ailments and health issues. 

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager