Best Workouts You Can Do At the Beach


When you think of working out on the beach, you probably think of running, swimming, and surfing.

But what are the best workouts you can do at the beach?

No matter what type of physical activity you enjoy, there is a beach workout for everyone. From bodybuilding to yoga, you’ll find a work out that suits your tastes, your fitness goals, and your environment.

Before you work out on the beach, be sure to:

  • Check Your Surroundings: Make sure there’s no broken glass, shells, or other detritus that may cause injury during your workout.
  • Stretch properly: You’ll be using muscles and tendons you don’t use very often, so it’s always a good idea to warm up on the surface you’ll be working out on. In this case, the sand.
  • Take it Slow: Before you just go full-speed across the beach in sprints, take a few minutes and pace yourself so your body can begin to familiarize itself with the unstable sandy surface.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the proper clothing on so you can be comfortable while getting fit in the sun.

Body weights

Some of us are lucky to have fitness zones or areas on a beach near us. Others may not be. Either way, you’ll get a great workout by lifting weights on the beach.

Arm, back, and leg exercises are all a go on the beach. Just remember to take your time and do each exercise properly.

Not only will you be building muscle, you’ll increase your vitamin D intake and get a little tan as well.


Whether it’s a pre- or post-workout stretch or your everyday go-to, yoga is one of the best workouts to do on the beach. Make sure you have a large enough beach towel and comfortable clothing that will allow you to slide into your asanas.

Doing yoga on the beach is a great opportunity to slow down and really stretch further into your poses. And, some people like to practice headstands as well on the beach.

If you’ve never done a sun salutation while the sun rises or sets, you’ve been missing out. Also, this is a low-impact way to sneak out to the beach in the morning before the bustle of the day begins.


Another great workout to do on the beach is to simply run. You don’t have to be preparing for a marathon to experience the joy of sprinting across the sand while seeing a sunrise.

Just be sure you’re wearing thoughtful running shorts for men while doing so. You’ll want your shorts to be stretchable yet durable, moisture-wicking, and (if you prefer) a comfortable, supportive lining to reduce chafing.

Enjoy the fresh beach air while you zone out to the beauty of the ocean.

Strength Training

Yes, of course, swimming is definitely one of the best strength training exercises you can do on a beach.

But, you can also do sprints, push-ups, or work with resistance bands while soaking up the sun. If you want to have some extra fun, grab a friend and create a series of exercises like a mini bootcamp and work up a sweat together.


A favorite among active beachgoers, volleyball is a great full-body beach workout. If you’ve ever played before, you know that playing volleyball will make you sore the next day in places you forgot about or maybe didn’t even know about.

But, it’s worth it. Not only is it a ton of fun, but you’ll be strengthening your core, arms, legs, and just about everything else.

No matter what workout you choose for the beach, there’s nothing better than getting some sun while working up a sweat. At least you can cool off in the water.

Kean Hager
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