Four Things to Consider when Buying Vintage Furniture


Buying vintage furniture is a smart way to get great quality furniture for less. This type of furniture is both practical and artistic. However, buying vintage pieces can mean looking for furniture from a specific era. A piece of furniture is considered to be vintage if it is at least 30 to 40 years old. There are things to consider with vintage furniture to ensure you end up with genuine pieces. Keep in mind that the are many replicas out there that can make choosing the authentic ones a bit confusing.

So, before you take the plunge, make sure to consider the following factors:


An authentic piece of furniture is expected to have some scratches and loose parts. But, make sure you buy one that can be restored with only a few repairs and with minimum cost. Defects in vintage chairs are usually hidden by dark patches. Cabinet flaws are often masked by glued veneers. Use these imperfections as a bargaining chip to cut the price down.


Keep in mind that not all second-hand furniture is considered vintage. Thus, look for original pieces and those with historic value. To check a piece’s authenticity, look underneath. Ensure the piece has consistent construction and look for signs of wear. A genuine piece of vintage furniture has a tag with a serial number or the log of the company that made it.


As buyers are expected to bargain over the price of vintage furniture, sellers tend to overprice their items to compensate. Knowing what the piece should cost and factoring in any repair costs will let you calculate the price you want to offer. When buying vintage pieces, never rush into negotiating and force the sale. Usually, the seller will counter with a new offer when you walk away after making an offer.


Visit many furniture shops before you decide to make a purchase. You can buy quality vintage pieces at auctions, flea markets, estate sales, and even from reputable sellers online. The majority of vintage furniture stores will automatically lower their prices on furniture that hasn’t sold in a reasonable amount of time. But, keep in mind that the true quality of your furniture can be influence by where you get it from. Thus, make sure to research sources first and take time to get to know the experts so you can get information that will help you make the right decision.

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager