Four Steps to Follow when Buying a Motorcycle Directly from the Dealer


Buying a motorcycle directly from the dealer comes with many benefits. But, it also comes with some considerations and purchasing a pre-owned bike bypasses the cost. Just like a lot of things, it not about which is right or wrong. Instead, what matters is which option is best for you.

This guide highlights the steps you must pay attention to when taking this journey:

Obtaining Insurance Quotes

The majority of motorcycle buyers pay attention to the price of the bike or the many awesome motorcycle gear, parts, and accessories they wish to outfit themselves with right away. But, before signing on the dotted line, make sure to research insurance costs first. If you want to finance your bike, you must carry full coverage. If you are a young rider or have some violations on your record, insurance a bike can get expensive. But, you can lower the cost by shopping around for comparable quotes.

Financing a Bike

Financing a bike comes with both pros and cons. Debts don’t need to be a bad thing as long as you manage it responsibly. As a young bike buyer, borrowing to purchase a motorcycle can help you establish a credit history and boost your credit score. Additionally, financing prevents you from going broke that could happen if you spend all your money on the bike itself and have minimal funds left to outfit yourself with the appropriate protective riding gear, parts, insurance, and others. As with insurance, you must shop around for financing options to find a great deal.

Picking a Dealership

Before you purchase a bike, spend time searching around. Research the dependability, reputation, and overall service of a concessionnaire near you.  Try to show up for any events the dealership is putting on locally. Does it have welcoming staff members? Do their customers come back often? These considerations can provide you with a sense of the kind of dealership you are buying a bike from.

Browsing the Bike

Walk around the dealership floor to know your options, styles, and features you may have thought before. Ask any questions you may have if you are not allowed to sit on the bikes. You want to be comfortable with the handlebar’s location, the height of the seat, footpegs, and more. Keep in mind that motorcycle test rides are not standard practice at every dealer, so try to seek out dealer demo days to get some ride time.

Kean Hager
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