What Is the Clean Slate Detox?


Do you ever feel sluggish and worn down? Does your stomach feel heavy every time you eat? Do you wake up wishing you could go right back to sleep?

Our world today is a little toxic. From the food we eat to the cars we drive to the air we breathe, virtually everything we do adds toxins into our bodies. When those toxins reach a certain level, they begin to impact our general feeling of well being. 

The problem with this toxin build-up is it is hard to pinpoint which straw broke the camel’s back. And at the beginning, you probably didn’t even notice the negative effects of those toxins, just like that camel didn’t feel the first straw or the third, but at some point, the weight became too much. 

Most of the toxins we take in are pleasant going down—think of that fatty meal, that sugary dessert, that third cup of coffee this morning. The fact that we enjoy consuming these toxin sources just increases the rate at which we absorb them. It also makes cleansing our bodies of these toxins extremely difficult.

There are only two ways to reduce our toxin load. 

The first way to reduce your toxin load is to eliminate your toxin consumption completely. 

Eventually, if you could do that, our body’s natural cleansing systems, the hepatic, lymphatic, and digestive system will cleanse our body of these toxins.

A dietary cleanse like that will only work if you reduce your toxin intake to below the rate that your body’s systems can process. Unfortunately, we don’t have gauges like a car, so how do you know where your body’s threshold is? 

The other complication of a dietary cleanse is that it requires a lot of discipline. You are basically making a lifestyle change, and until your body catches up, you have to remain consistent. If you decide after a week of cleansing to eat half a dozen donuts, you are back near square one.

The second way to reduce your toxin load is to complete a detox cleanse. 

This basically speeds up the clock to reset your body back to a lower toxin level. It can be done in a couple of different ways. 

The first way to cleanse and detox quickly would be through a specific diet. This is not a simple toxin reduction diet. These cleanses use specific foods to help your body flush out impurities. The biggest shortcoming of most of these is a time commitment. 

While a dietary detox doesn’t require a near-permanent lifestyle change, it does require you to follow a very strict eating plan for at least a week or much more. That can be prohibitive for people who aren’t able to follow the sometimes hyper-specific guidelines for eating these detoxes give.

Another option is to take an herbal detox like clean slate detox. Clean Slate Detox uses a combination of herbal remedies to stimulate multiple systems to go into overdrive cleansing your body of toxins. Herbs and plant extracts are included that help your digestive system cleanse itself, while other herbs drive the liver and kidneys into action to detox your body.

Instead of having to follow a super-specific meal plan for weeks at a time, just eat sensibly, and take 2-3 tablets between meals: once a day for maintenance, or 2-3 times a day when doing a deep clean. These herbal detoxes allow you to live your normal life while detoxing. 

We all know our own bodies. When you start feeling drained, no matter how much you sleep, or your gut feels like you swallowed a rock, it is probably time to consider a detox.

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager