Switchview Fold Down Lever and Other Options for Easier Magnification Adjustment


Throw levers are designed to allow shooters to almost instantly change the scope magnification when necessary. They attach to the scopes’ power selector ring to offer better access and greater leverage. With these tools, you can quickly adjust the magnification with one hand and minimal disturbance of shooting position. The ability to almost instantly go from a higher to a lower magnification setting with a greater field of view can be crucial in competition, tactical situations, and hunting.

Take Advantage of the Fold-Down Option

The Switchview fold down lever is engineered for a variety of scope models, offering both a perfect fit and flawless performance. Its unique design lets you see through the lever to maintain visibility of the scope’s elevation turret markings. This throw lever folds out of the way when you focus your rifle into something. It is also designed to be easy to store because it can be folded down before being put away. IT comes with a two-hole lever top, hex wrench, and installation instructions.

Your Other Options

Because of the adoption and acceptance of throw levers, optic manufacturers incorporate them into the latest designs. Removable levers are not available in newer tactical lines. Also, there are customizable throw levers you can find for even the cheapest scopes. If your optic does not have one, you can surely find options within your price range.

Moreover, throw levers today can be tailor-made for your optic and you can expect to find more options for popular optics. Throw levers are engineered using the latest in on-demand manufacturing. They are made from incredibly strong and chemical-resistant materials. These durable accessories are made to last as long as your beloved rifle. If you want an OEM-marked Switch View throw lever for your rifle, it can increase its overall price. In general, the availability of an OEM add-on option allows for an easier fit and installation; however, you must pay a bit more for the pleasure.

Moreover, some SwitchView throw levers allow for a custom fit around any protrusion or nubbin on the magnification ring. These options are affordable and work well. If you are struggling to find the correct throw lever for your scope, you have this option as your default.

While some people think that throw levers will become a standard option in the future, you want to try out their efficacy by getting one for yourself. You can choose a cheaper option to test the waters before you invest in a feature-rich, more expensive one.

Kean Hager
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