Customizing Wine Flasks With Different Types Of Label Ideas


Creating a custom wine label is one of the cleverest ways to personalize the gift of wine. The personalized wine bottles are the most thoughtful gift that one can give to their loved ones. However, how to customize the wine bottle using different label ideas? No matter if a person is a fresher or a cloud expert, personalizing the wine bottles using a custom label is not an easy task. This article specifies some clever ways to design the labels and thus, customize the wine bottles.

Picking a theme for wine labels

Whether planning to gift the personalized wine bottles for a wedding or as a corporate present, it is crucial to identify a theme for customizing the labels. Here mentioned are the four most attractive themes one can use to design labels for wine bottles:

  • Classic wine labels

Generally, classic label designs can be found on the wines procured from classic wine-growing regions. Such regions use traditional winemaking techniques such as blending wines ad aging them in oak.

  • Modern wine labels

Modern labels are typically used for wine bottles having the wine which is a step away from tradition. The wine bottles with modern labels usually carry the wine with unique variety, taste, and style.

  • Fun wine labels

Fun-themed wine labels are usually found in the regions where people cherish the act of drinking with friends as much as the wine itself. Such labels are perfect for wines that taste fun and are easy to drink. This is the best option for economical quaffing wines.

  • Old-timey wine labels

Old-timey labels are perfect for the wine bottles having something handcrafted about the wine inside. Perhaps these labels are used for the wine that is made by a small producer who bottles each wine with their hands.

Things to be included in the wine label

Most wine labels specify some vital and useful facts about the particular wine on the front label. While an individual must be appending his own creativity to this, it is always useful to add the following mentioned useful details:

  • Name of the wine with a date of brewing it
  • Brand of the wine
  • The actual variety or wine blend
  • Credit to the winery, vintage, and wine

Personalizing the wine symbol

Once the theme for wine labels has been selected, the next one should make efforts to make the theme their own. To design the symbol for personalized wine labels, a person can take inspiration from his surroundings. Perhaps he can either use his family crest or a local landmark to design a symbol representing his personality or brand.


Designing the perfect labels using different ideas is one of the best ways for creating personalized wine bottles. Even beyond the quality of the wine itself, the design of the labels majorly contributes to the purchasing decision of customers. This is the reason why many graphic designers have focused their attention on designing creative and compelling wine labels for establishing a connection between customized wine bottles and their buyers.

Kean Hager
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