Fashion is making a statement with your physical appearance, which is primarily highlighted by your outfit. The outfit needs to have a well-co-ordinated color palette and style for which you need to try out various combinations, what we call mix & match.

Every morning, you get up and look at your wardrobe to find the right top for a bottom or vice versa, this can get a bit challenging, and you may end up consuming time trying dozens of combinations. This is where the coordinated sets enter your wardrobe. This trend is quite popular these days and a lot of celebs have adopted this co-ord culture and are often seen spotting the co-ord look to the airport, workouts, parties, and social gatherings.

Fashion shows have showcased them at fashion weeks, and you too should include this versatile urban staple for those days when you don’t want to think too much about your outfit. Do check out some cool, printed, and trendy co-ord sets online in India.

Let us help you with some tips to select co-ord sets and be a part of the co-ord culture-

Include printed fabric in your set – Co-ord sets with floral prints do make an eye-catching outfit. Team up a floral skirt of any length with a stylish top, and you’re sure to make heads turn at any social gathering. Stripes and monochrome can give you the liberty to dress for both a formal and a casual event.

Colour palette – Opt for pastel color; dark and bold hues as that can make you look confident even if you are not feeling so. If you are on the heavier side or slightly plump; include some vertical stripes, and it will surely give you a leaner look.

A blazer & pants – Always include a couple of sets of blazers and pants. They are the best outfit for office wear or a zoom meeting at home. Team it up with a stylish bralette, and it can be your outfit for a party.

Shorts & a hoodie – For morning jogs or evening walks, just chilling out at home, or driving to a weekend getaway, this ensemble is a must-have for comfort, and it also gives you that sporty look. Do include a pair or two of these.

Accessories –The co-ord set is enough to make heads turn. You don’t need to think about accessories when you’re wearing a co-ord set.

If you are a shy person and don’t want to carry this trend because you think it may make you look like a kid, include jumpsuits in your wardrobe as a solution for those days when you don’t feel like putting a look together, they also are a kind of co-ord set. You will find the latest jumpsuit for women at the Dash and Dot’s online store and also a variety of classy, formal, casual, and stylish co-ord sets.

Co-ord sets score high on comfort and are a no-brainer kind of fashion which is easy to wear like a dress and also creates the perception of you putting in efforts for the correct fashionable look.

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager