Benefits of Gifting Dried Flowers


2020 is witnessing the popularity of dried flowers for special occasions like birthdays, parties, anniversaries and weddings. Several factors are responsible to enhance its usage, versatility and non-maintenance top the list.

Long lasting

I think the biggest benefit is the longevity of the flowers. They are highly durable and 100% natural. Compared to traditional flowers in hat boxes that die after a few weeks, it is a new and wonderful way to give something unique to your loved ones, which will last from a year up to 10 years.

Do not require watering

If you are sending flowers to someone who loves flowers, but unable to water and take care of them. In this situation, sending dried flowers bouquet will be the perfect option. Dry flowers will not require watering or any kind of special treatment. You do not have to do anything to keep them in shape or size.

Find any corner in your living room and place dried flowers on any furniture in that corner. You will see a significant difference in the corner and the best part is your carnival start shining without any extra efforts.

Wide variety of shapes and sizes

As fresh flowers are available in different sizes and shapes so does dried flowers.They are also available in a wide range of designs and sizes. You can decide which are in accordance with your requirements and taste.

Value for money

You will find a long range of dried flowers available. It is obvious that there are different price tags. It is natural that you have to pay a little more in comparison with fresh bunch. Let us understand it with an example that a fresh bunch of flowers will cost you around $ 15, but after 10 days that will be of no use. This means that you will spend five dollars on a daily basis for that particular bunch of fresh flowers. On the other hand, if you will opt for dried flowers arrangement, then it may cost you 100 dollars, but it will last more than two years or even more. In this case, you will pay only 14c per day. Dried flowers are a wonderful option to gift and get great value for your hard-earned money.

Available round the year

Those days are gone when you have to wait for spring or summer to order your favorite bunch of flowers. You can order dried flowers round the year for all seasons. There are so many beautiful designs of dried flowers bouquet on the Internet to choose from and order.

Kean Hager
the authorKean Hager