A Guide To Hair Removal Singapore


Hair removal is not only a part of beautification but is also extremely necessary from the hygiene point of view. Almost everyone likes to remove their body hairs, and some do it because they want soft, smooth, and clean skin while some do it to maintain their hygiene.

Different Methods Of Hair Removal

There are so many hair removal methods available today that are used by people around the globe to remove their body hair.

  • Shaving:- Shaving is probably the oldest and the most used way for hair removal. Almost every male and female has used a shaving razor to remove their hair at least once in their life. The reason for this is that razors are extremely cheap and are very easy to use. Even in the old days, people used to use razors to remove their body hair, and sharp knives had served the purpose of razors before razors were invented.
  • Waxing:- Waxing is another way of hair removal that is extremely popular, especially with women. In waxing, the wax is applied to the body part from which the hair is to be removed, then it is covered with a strip of cloth that is commonly known as waxing strip, then the strip is pulled off, and all the hair from the region stick to the cloth because of the sticky nature of the wax.
  • IPL Hair Removal:- IPL or Intense Pulsed Light technology is one of the modern methods of hair removal. This method is really good for hair removal as it helps in removing even the smallest of the hair on the body. In this method, a special gel is applied to the body, and then a multi-spectrum light is flashed on the area; this light then removes the hair. This method is very accurate and is being preferred by people because it not only removes the hair but also reduces the rate of hair growth in the long term.

The Best Way For Hair Removal

The best way for hair removal can be different for different people based on their requirements and budget; IPL can be preferred by people who have a good budget and want long term results whereas, waxing and shaving are perfect for people who are happy with short term results and want the process to be pocket friendly too.

The cost and quality of hair removal can differ from country to country, and hair removal singapore may be cheaper than hair removal in other countries.

Kean Hager
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